Have You Got a “Problem Neighbor?”

Have You Got a “Problem neighbor?” We all have had one at one time or another. You know the kind I’m talking about, they’re the ones who always seem to wriggle their way out of the law being able to do anything about their activities.

Wrap your garbage like this and leave it next to your neighbor’s dumpster, or put it on his front curb. Just make sure if you try it to be sure there is no personally identifiable information such as discarded mail with your address on it that can be traced back to you.


One of my friends on MeWe tried this already this morning.

He made the head out of the neighbor’s dog shit that had been dumped on his lawn. When the cops showed-up, the other nosy neighbors across the street & the cops about lost it laughing when the coroner they brought with them opened the face package and found a load of dog shit instead of a corpse.

Problem neignbor

Plastic Obama (Shades of Plastic Jesus)

Shades of Plastic Jesus

I don’t care if it

Rains or freezes

As long as I’ve got my

Plastic Obama

Ridin’ on the dashboard

Of my car

Through my trials

And tribulations

And my travels

Through the nation

With my plastic Obama

I’ll go far

Ridin’ down the thoroughfare

With a nose up in the air

A wreck may be ahead

But he don’t mind

Trouble comin’

He don’t see

He just keeps his eye on me

And any other thing that lies behind

With my plastic Obama

Goodbye and I’ll go far

I said with my plastic Obama

Sitting on the dashboard of my car

When I’m in a traffic jam

He don’t care if I say damn

I can let all my curses roll

‘Cause Obama’s plastic doesn’t hear

‘Cause he has a plastic ear

The man who invented plastic

Saved my soul

With my plastic Obama

Goodbye and I’ll go far

I said with my plastic Obama

Sitting on the dashboard of my car….

King Earl Boogie Band – ‘Plastic Jesus’ – 1972 45 RPM


Soy Products: Emasculating the world male population

Emasculated male definition: Justin Trudeau (and every other Libturd Soy boy on the planet)

Emasculating the male population of the planet is part and parcel of the evil globalist agenda, and they’re doing it with soy products.

Soy Products: Emasculating the male population

e·mas·cu·late (a bit like masturbate, just another name for a wanker)



past tense: emasculated; past participle: emasculated

1. Deprive (a man) of his male role or identity.

“he feels emasculated because he cannot control his sons’ behavior”

2. Make (a person, idea, or piece of legislation) weaker or less effective.

“our winner-take-all elections emasculate fringe parties”


weaken, enfeeble, debilitate, erode, undermine, cripple; remove the sting from, pull the teeth out of; 

informal: water down

“the opposition emasculated the committee’s proposal”

The ‘soy boy’ epidemic – in which young men act effeminate without being gay – is likely caused by the “gender-bending” chemicals in food and water mentioned in a new study.

One of the chemicals, Bisphenol A (BPA), mimics the female sex hormone estrogen and is commonly found in plastic containers, reusable water bottles and store receipts – meaning that it’s almost impossible for growing teenagers to avoid exposure.

This is also an explanation why we have seen such a paradigm shift in effeminate males, transgenderism, and homosexuality over the past 30 years. It is a pre-planned part of the globalist United Nations/New World Order agenda.


There you have it, the reason the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

#Bollocks vs. #Clunge: #AlphaMale and #Soyboy

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Bollocks vs. Clunge

Song: The Male Feminist Mind // Creep – Radiohead (Parody)

LGBT Gay / Trans Acronyms Gone Mad? – (LGBTQQIP2SAA+)

LGBT? Frankly, I prefer Liquor, Guns, Bacon, & Tits!

Liquor, Guns, Bacon, & Tits



So What does the word “cuck” mean?

“cuck” or “cuckservative”

Definition From: http://www.dictionary.com/meaning/cuck

What does cuck mean?

cuck is a derogatory slang term for a weak, effeminate, or inadequate man. Cuck has also been blended with conservative to produce cuckservative, often shortened back to cuck. Both cuck and cuckservative are especially used online by white nationalists to insult US Republican politicians they judge as insufficiently conservative.

Where does cuck come from?

Cuck is shortened from cuckold, a term that has been belittling the “husband of an unfaithful wife” since the 1200s. The word cuckold derives from a French word for the cuckoo bird. Just as the female cuckoo lays eggs in other birds’ nests, so a cuckold’s wife, as it’s said, sleeps in another man’s bed.

Green’s Dictionary of Slang notes that cuckold was abbreviated to cuck as early as the 16th century, but it appears the word underwent a second, independent clipping in the 2000s. A 2007 entry in Urban Dictionary defines cuck to mean the same thing as a stronger four-letter word that it conveniently rhymes with.

In online message boards like 4chan over the 2010s, cuck slang developed racist and misogynistic undertones, according to left-wing cucks. Cuck porn, for instance, describes a genre of pornography featuring white husbands watching their wives have intercourse with black men. Among others, the implication is that such a husband is so weak he can’t do anything to stop her and so submissive he even observes the act. As linguist Mark Liberman explained on Language Log, cuck “was extended figuratively on 4chan to reference ‘relinquished manliness’ and more abstractly ‘selling out, abandoning principles.’”

In this vein, Know Your Meme points out two notable examples. First, the boyfriend of Zoe Quinn, who suffered extreme harassment during the 2014 Gamergate controversy, was called “beta cuck” over his allegations Quinn cheated on him. Then, later that year, comedian Louis C.K. was labeled a “cuck” in resentment of progressive views he expressed in his standup.

While it’s unclear exactly who coined it and when, cuck blended with conservative, yielding cuckservative. The term first appeared on Twitter in 2010, when it was used as a hashtag. This spread among white nationalists online, and they leveled cuckservative at conservative politicians they felt were too sympathetic or accommodating to mainstream, inclusive, and pro-minority policies—to them, these politicians were surrendering their conservative values like cucks giving over their beds.

Cuck rose to prominence during the 2016 US presidential election. In August 2015, The New York Times reported that the hashtag #cuckservative peaked during the GOP debates, when many social media users slammed Republican candidates who had “veered too far to the left.” Richard Spencer, president of the National Policy Institute, told the paper: “It’s a very good shorthand meme to express a certain kind of frustration and a certain kind of contempt for mainstream conservatives.”

By 2016, internet users were commonly clipping cuckservative back to cuck. The force of the words had diluted as they seeped into mainstream usage, with many on the political right decrying establishment Republicans as cucks without knowledge of its seedier origins. Members of the American Dialect Society even nominated the two words for their 2016 Word of the Year in a category called “WTF.”

Uncuck The Right (“Walk the Line” by Johnny Cash parody)

If you’re one of the “Uncuckables,” you need to join us on “The Republic of Kekistan,” the social network of the Great American Uncuckable.



Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sinned…

A young seminarian graduated from school and was assigned his first parish. Father Murphy was his new supervisor.

Father Murphy assigned him to his first week’s duties. He told the young priest he would be put in charge of confession, & gave him a book of penances to assign for various sins, and turned him loose.

Things went quite well the first 3 days, but on Thursday a beautiful young buxom blonde entered the confessional and said, “Father forgive me for I have sinned.” 

The young priest replied, “What sin did you commit, my child?” The blonde replied, “I gave a man a blowjob, and he wasn’t my husband.” 

The young priest looked feverishly through the book of penances Father Murphy had given him, but couldn’t find one for that particular offense. He looked out the door of the confessional and Father Murphy was nowhere in sight.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw an altar boy passing by. He whispers, “Psst! Have you got any idea what Father Murphy gives for a blowjob?”

The young altar boy replied’ “Oh, that’s an easy one! Five bucks and a Hershey bar!


Don’t You Just Hate Nosy People?

A man was in the checkout line at his local supermarket one day when the nosy lady in front of him saw he had a 100 pound bag of dog food in his cart.

The woman said, “Oh, I see you’re a dog lover?” to which the man replied, “No, I’m not.”

The woman replied, “If you’re not a dog lover, why would you be buying a 100 pound bag of dog food?”

The man replied, “I’m going back on the Purina diet again.” The woman responded, “The Purina diet, what is that?”

The man replied, “You fill your pockets with kibbles & bits, and anytime you feel hungry, you just toss a few kibbles & bits in your mouth.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me! You’re actually eating dog food?” the woman asked.

“Sure, why not? It’s 100% nutritionally complete, and it helps you lose weight. The last time I tried it I lost over 50 pounds in the first month.

The woman replied, “That’s amazing!” The man replied, “I probably would have lost more weight if I hadn’t landed in the hospital.”

The woman replied, “Oh, so it made you sick?” The man replied, “No, I was sitting in the middle of the street licking my balls when I got hit by a cement truck.”