Introducing Michael McKibben: The man who will take down the Deep State

Meet Michael McKibben, a patriot and the REAL inventor of Facebook & social media who had his work & patent stolen from him by (Deep State) patent attorney James Chandler.

~Not only did they steal his invention, but they ripped out all of the privacy protections that McKibben had built in and instead installed soviet-style technologies to spy on us and sell our data. McKibben has filed suit under The Miller Act and it’s in Trump’s hands now, so his story is about to become REAL relevant- A MUST WATCH and READ!

Michael McKibben: The Battle for the Soul of America:

Must Read: 

Speaking of Russian Collusion, you had better believe it. It has been proven for Hillary, Bill, Podesta, Google, Intel, and Cisco.

McKibben said, “It is too easy for Americans to simply yell, ‘The Russians!’ because relatively few Americans go there, much less fly to the Crimea, for example, and verify the stories. So, it is safe to make up lies and never get caught.

Additionally, the Clintons and the Deep State have been using a Nazi tactic, “Accuse the opposition of that which you are guilty.” Sound familiar? It takes the spotlight off of the real criminals and paints the picture that it is the “other guy’s fault.”

So who are the real Nazis here?


South Carolina citizens demanding changes in “No Gun Zones” laws

Round 1 (Ding- Ding!) South Carolina citizens demanding changes in “No Gun Zones” laws

Cease and Desist —–

Due to public schools being labeled “No Gun Zones”, we, as parents are unable to protect our children at school, South Carolina enforces this statute. When enforcing this law, it removes the most basic right of all human life- the right to survival, as well as the inherent right to protect ourselves, as well as our children.

Further, where any institution removes the duty of care from an individual; both expressly through legislation, or implied through conduct, it takes the duty of care in the absence of the parents.  The duty of care is a legal duty on all individuals and organizations to avoid carelessly causing injury to persons. It requires everything ‘reasonably practicable’ be done to protect the health and safety of our children in public school.

In addition, this breach of duty of care extends to the public school teachers, as well. Whenever a student teacher relationship exists, the teacher has a special duty of care. This is a legal obligation to protect students from injury;
“A teacher is to take such measures as are reasonable in the circumstances to protect a student under the teachers charge from the risks of injury that the teacher could have reasonably foreseen.” (Richards v State of Victoria, 1969)

As part of that duty, teachers are required to supervise students adequately. This requires not only protection from known hazards, but also from those that could arise (those that the teacher could have easily foreseen) and against which preventative measures could have been taken.

• Teachers in breach of duty of care may be liable for injuries inflicted by one student on another, as well as the injuries sustained by the student.

• For a teacher or a school to be held guilty of negligence, it must be proved that the injury was foreseeable result of the action or lack of action. In courts this test is not a demanding one.

• In situations where the teacher should reasonably have foreseen the possibility of injury, the teacher has a duty to take reasonable care.

• The teacher’s duty of care will have a higher expectation as the child’s age is lower.

• Schools are bound by standards which are issued under legislative authority, non compliance with these standards may amount to negligence.

Primary factors to consider in ascertaining whether the person’s conduct lacks reasonable care are the foreseeable likelihood that the person’s conduct will result in harm, the foreseeable severity of any harm that may ensue, and the burden of precautions to eliminate or reduce the risk of harm. See Restatement (Third) of Torts: Liability for Physical Harm § 3 (P.F.D. No. 1, 2005).

Further, negligent conduct may consist of either an act, or an omission to act when there is a duty to do so.  See Restatement (Second) of Torts § 282 (1965).
Four elements are required to establish a prima facie case of negligence:

the existence of a legal duty that the defendant owed to the plaintiff
defendant’s breach of that duty
plaintiff’s sufferance of an injury
proof that defendant’s breach caused the injury (typically defined through proximate cause)
Without regard to the laws of man which protect property, under the law of nature, all people have an inherent right to live, as well as the unalienable right to protect that life.

“Under the law of nature, all men are born free, everyone comes into the world with a right to his own person, which includes the liberty of moving and using it at his own. This is what is called personal liberty, and is given him by the author of nature, because necessary for his own sustenance.”
– Legal argument in the case of Howell vs. Netherland, April 1770; “The Works of Thomas Jefferson,” Federal Edition, Editor: Paul Leicester Ford, (New York and London, G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1904-5) Vol. 1.

We demand you that you immediately Cease and Desist the enforcement of conceal carry weapons on public school property, as well as the inherent right of parents who, by providing transportation, have an inherent right to defend both their self and their children on public school property.

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URGENT: Stasi State, Mental Health & the details of the DRILL!

The Broward Sheriff Israel is calling for expanding “LAW” enforcement authority to DETAIN civilians for general concerns about “mental well-being” This is a STASI tactic. We’ve been neglecting the critical details about these mass carnage events and it’s time to circle back around and demand some answers.

Robert Mueller and hot dogs.

In the early 1990s in St.Petersburg Florida, there was a Russian that created a good business selling hot dogs. He opened a colorful restaurant. Local celebrities and politicians were invited to gain notoriety while the restaurant served cheap food for too high prices. It was a good business. A few years later he gained contracts to cater to schools and to the military. The food he served was never great but his marketing was superb.

This did not go unnoticed by his competitors. The Russian business owner had almost driven all the competition away. So what the group did was they came up with an idea. They started a campaign attacking the business owner. They started taking out ads in the local papers, handing fliers and posting fake comments on the internet that the Russian business was importing his hot dogs and meats from China, a country where they eat dogs.

They also did this with no evidence or proof to back it up. They were clever. They never said his products were made of dog meat, they only implied this by associating his business to China, another communist country. The desired effect was soon very successful.
Although the original intent was to only shut down his little restaurant the trick worked beyond expectations.

Locals were soon up in arms. Their children wouldn’t eat the food, saying it smelled rotten.
As the bad publicity mounted, soon there were protests at schools calling for a change in vendors and that his catering contracts be voided, then once that happened they lobbied for the removal of his government contracts saying that the Russians can poison our troops so he lost his government contracts.

I doubt these local restaurateurs understood the complexities of what they where doing, but nonetheless they were using the techniques of overt and implied messaging used by the biggest Fortune 500 companies. Soon the Russian was bankrupt and moved back to Russia.

How does this connect to Robert Mueller you ask? Well let me ask you what evidence has Mueller shown us? What everyone has missed Is indictment isn’t a conviction. Yet  look what has happened. As soon as it came out Republicans, Democrats, liberals, conservatives all said. “Look we knew it was the Russians all along and these Russians whether guilty or not have been found guilty in the court of public opinion without ever stepping foot in a court of law!” Mueller has simply put it in writing and told us to believe him. Isn’t his indictment nothing more then the Republicans memo? Isn’t the democrat push-back of the memo? It makes assertions, but where’s the beef to back it up? (Yes pun intended).

And please don’t go off on some tangent thinking I’m saying the Russian business owner is behind this and he’s named in Mueller’s report. I’m simply using it as an analogy or metaphor.

The simple answer: The Democrats and Mueller are using a very thought-out campaign to convince the American people Donald Trump is a bad product and he must go without any evidence.

Here it is: The long-awaited House Intelligence Committee Report on FISA abuses

Here it is: The long-awaited House Intelligence Committee Report on FISA abuses. Simply look for the download link on the lower left side of this post to download your own copy.

Dear Jeff Sessions,

The memo has been public for 90 minutes.

Why is no one under arrest yet?


The American Public

House Intelligence Committee Report on FISA abuses.pdf

Click on the link above to download your own copy.

Download Your Copy of the FISA Memo Here

Some of you had problems downloading the FISA Memo from the scribd website. No problem, because we did all the legwork for you. Simply click on the link below to DOWNLOAD your very own copy! The file is almost 25 Mb in size, so it might be wiser to download it using a PC instead of a mobile device.

Just another benefit to joining The Republic of Kekistan

CLICK HERE to download the FISA memo.

Hillary Clinton on Hanging


The FISA memo on intentional corruption has just been released. Get Your Copy Here

Hope on a rope
The FISA memo on intentional corruption and circumvention of security measures by federal officials has just been released.

Read it here and bookmark it, or download your own copy:

If Obama thinks all that may happen to him, Hillary Clinton & Company is a little jail time, he is sadly mistaken. Sedition and Treason are capital offenses.