Have You Got a “Problem Neighbor?”

Have You Got a “Problem neighbor?” We all have had one at one time or another. You know the kind I’m talking about, they’re the ones who always seem to wriggle their way out of the law being able to do anything about their activities.

Wrap your garbage like this and leave it next to your neighbor’s dumpster, or put it on his front curb. Just make sure if you try it to be sure there is no personally identifiable information such as discarded mail with your address on it that can be traced back to you.


One of my friends on MeWe tried this already this morning.

He made the head out of the neighbor’s dog shit that had been dumped on his lawn. When the cops showed-up, the other nosy neighbors across the street & the cops about lost it laughing when the coroner they brought with them opened the face package and found a load of dog shit instead of a corpse.

Problem neignbor

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